Rock Chip Windshield Repair

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 Rock Chip Repair

Doctor Windshield, the  “Windshield Repair Specialists” Offers no-charge Rock Chip repair, to stone-chips, & Crack Windshield Repair in houston texas and the surrounding areas

Rock Chip Repair – Looking For A Trusted Source To Repair Your Windshield?

The Doctor Windshield Repair Experts on Rock Chip Windshield Repair in Houston, Tx and Surrounding Areas have been proving rock chip repair over 15 years.

Here at Doctor Windshield Repair Experts , we focus on ensuring that our customers are in and out in less that 20 minutes.

Part of our windshield repair process allows us to use methods that do not allow our customers to wait for adhesive products to dry.

Once your windshield repair is done, you are ready to go!


Here are some of the most asked questions:

==> 1) Is My Windshield Repair Really Free?

That depends on your insurance company, but most likely yes.
The reason being is the huge repair cost associated with replacing new windshields.
Most insurance companies would rather waive your deductible instead of paying the repair cost, so thus leaving you with no-out of pocket expense.
==> 2) Will My Insurance Rates Increase?

Only your insurance company  can tell you this for sure, we have identified that most insurance companies do not raise rates because of a
comprehensive windshield  repair claim.

Insurance companies typically identify windshield repair a no-fault claim. Which means  your policy rates would not be affected. However, we highly recommend that
you give us a call. Also, we are more than happy to help facilitate the paperwork on your behalf.

==> 3) Am I Required To Contact My Insurance Agent?

Here at Doctor Windshield Repair Experts we understand how filing paper work can be a real pain and hassle. So we make filing the claim and handling all paper work quick and painless by handling the process for you.

==> 4) Do I Need To Have Insurance Or Go Through My Insurance Carrier To Get My Windshield Repaired?

Not at all. You choose the payment method you feel most comfortable with.  We accept cash and credit.

==> 5) Why Should Surface Chips And Small Cracks Be Repaired ASAP?

For obvious reasons the possibility of the damaged area becoming worse increases the longer you put off getting your windshield repaired. If you spot a black or silver discoloration shadow around the damaged area there is a strong possibility the affected area could
“crack out.”

This could easily be prevented if you bring in your vehicle today and let one of our experienced windshield repair technicians take a look at your damaged windshield and provide you a free detailed analysis on how we can repair your windshield today.

==> 6) Are Doctor Windshield Repair Experts Trained?

Our technicians have been doing crack, rock chip windshield repair for over 10 years so we guarantee that you are getting Highest-Quality repair possible. Doctor Windshield technicians have extensive hands-on training and we use the highest quality of  materials possible.

If your looking for a free windshield repair quote we highly recommend that you give us a call at 713-942-0294 or come by 7070 Southwest Freeway Houston Texas 77074 where one of our experienced technicians can take a look and get you taken care of quickly and easily.